Leaders are hungry for agility results but can lack the Agile transformation experience needed to form a change management strategy their organization can execute. Our Discovery Session is designed to help leaders build a concrete, actionable plan by giving them critical pieces of information.

An Opportunity To Get Answers To Questions Leaders Haven’t Thought To Ask

During the Discovery Session, a Senior Agile Coach will meet with executives and stakeholders and….

  • Review common Agile transformation pitfalls.

  • Answer questions they have about transforming an organization.

  • Discuss our unique transformation approach. (Spoiler alert: Our goal is to align the whole organization and give everyone the tools they need so that they are able to continue the journey on their own).

  • Provide an idea of time, talent, and funding and the potential ROI for the investment.

What Happens Next?

After the session, Agile Velocity will convene internally and discuss the organization’s challenges and goals. Using the Path to Agility®, we will create a customized Agile change management plan that frees leaders to execute against goals with less risk and faster results.

About Agile Velocity

Agile Velocity helps organizations accelerate agility. We’re a full-service transformation partner offering whole organization, leadership and team coaching, and Agile training. By leveraging our Path to Agility® framework, we advise clients on the best way to avoid failure and reach success as quickly as possible.

“I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor. Their team of experts has been a huge benefit in accelerating my team operationally in an Agile environment.”

“Beyond actual classroom training, the on-site coaching and office hours proved to be critical to our transformation as a coach was there to observe, provide feedback, answer questions and really get us started by moving us to practice quickly. To my knowledge, Agile Velocity is the best in the business.”

While leaders lack Agile change management experience, they have courage in spades. Our 2-hour session is designed to provide the experience, guidance, and fresh perspective needed for leaders to see blind spots and navigate sharp turns.

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