Let’s be honest. Organizations are having trouble getting what they need from Agile. We see this as a direct result of a misplaced focus on implementing practices over getting results.

We created the Path to Agility® to address this issue, a framework built from the experience and knowledge of many Agile coaches and designed to deliver the tangible business outcomes your organization needs to thrive--not just survive.

The Path to Agility® includes…

Path to Agility® Physical Card Sets

Use our professionally printed Path to Agility® cards to guide teams and leaders.

Access to the Path to Agility® Online Community

Join the Path to Agility® Online Community to ask questions, learn from others, and receive guidance.

Path to Agility® Coach Cohort & Path to Agility® Leadership Cohort

Designate representatives to join a cohort of individuals from companies going through a transformation using Path to Agility®. Discuss challenges, network, and learn from shared experiences.

Bi-Weekly Path to Agility® Workshops

Attend virtual workshops where we deep dive into a set of outcomes every couple of weeks to help guide your team of coaches and leaders.

Assessment Tool

Use the Assessment Tool to evaluate both where your organization stands and areas in need of focus moving forward.


Access updates to the Path to Agility® as soon as they’re released.

Whether you’re looking for a no-nonsense way to implement Agile in your organization or you’d like to use the Path to Agility® to further guide your client on their Agile journey, this framework is proven to deliver results fast.

Contact us to learn more about how you can start using the Path to Agility®.