Build High Performing Teams Through Trust & Alignment


  “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” --Michael Jordan


Trust and alignment are critical to building happy high performing teams.

This guide includes...

  • Why alignment and trust are key ingredients to great teams
  • Role of alignment in Agility
  • 5 Practices and exercises to create alignment
  • 7 Practices and exercises to build trust


About David Hawks

David Hawks combines his background of building great products with his passion for helping teams and leaders become more productive through his role as Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Enterprise Coach, and CEO of Agile Velocity. His strengths as a great facilitator and inefficiency killer combined with a fun approach to life are what make him so great in his roles.

About Doc List

Doc List is the Sr. Director of Training for Agile Velocity which means he teaches as well designs our class curriculum. He was born in New York City, spent a couple of decades (and then a bit) in Silicon Valley building a family and a technology and management career, then moved to Austin, Texas where he has stayed ever since. Doc is involved in the greater Agile community, is an Open Space Technology facilitator and presents on a variety of topics.



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