The Path to Agility™ is a proven model designed by our team of Agile coaches to prevent stalled and failed Agile transformations. All five phases --  ALIGN, LEARN, PREDICT, ACCELERATE, and ADAPT -- are explained on the worksheet.


Sidestep pitfalls and sprint toward business agility

Faster predictable teams, increased innovation, and happier customers -- These are outcomes of true organizational agility.
But the road is difficult and can be long -- even longer if the transformation stalls. Worse yet, teams can regress, falling back
to bad behaviors.

Where are you on the Path to Agility™ and what can you do to accelerate the journey to a higher status quo?
Download the worksheet and follow along with the video below as David Hawks explains the Path to Agility™.



Path to Agility: Adoption Patterns to Overcome Pitfalls 

The video explains:

  • Common hazards experienced along the journey
  • Symptoms of a stalled Agile transformation
  • Solutions for moving forward

    Plan your next step

    Use the free download to assess your teams and gather action items
    to accelerate agility.