There are many beliefs about SAFe® circulating in the Agile industry. But how much of each statement is fact and how much is just an opinion?

SAFe® Implementation Myths Debunked For A Successful Scaled Agile Transformation sheds light on the popular framework including some of the more pervasive myths.

SAFe® Myths investigated:

  • SAFe® is prescriptive
  • SAFe® is heavyweight
  • SAFe® is RUP
  • SAFe® is all-or-nothing
  • SAFe® is a money grab 

Before setting your Agile scaling strategy, get the facts.

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Don’t base decisions on half-truths and half-baked theories. Understand SAFe® from the ground up and inside out. This white paper tackles the following:

  1. SAFe® overview--including the framework’s deep ties to Lean Economics and how it can translate business strategy into execution
  2. SAFe® core values--alignment, built-in quality, transparency, and program execution
  3. SAFe® principles--9 Lean-Agile pillars
  4. SAFe® myths--are they facts, half-truths, or 100% incorrect?

Look before you leap!

Download our free white paper and understand why SAFe® has become the most commonly adopted scaling framework.