In 2018, Texas Mutual Insurance Company made the choice to go “all in” with Agile. After decades at the forefront of workers’ compensation insurance for the state of Texas, Texas Mutual recognized that they would have to change how they delivered value in order to stay at the top.

In this webinar, Erik Cottrell interviews Texas Mutual COO, Jeanette Ward. Learn how she’s leading and managing change across the enterprise, how Texas Mutual made the decision to go Agile, and how she worked with peers to leave behind old Command and Control leadership habits.

Key takeaways include:

  • An executive’s perspective on managing an Agile transformation
  • Why TXM takes risks in a risk-averse industry
  • Tips for preparing your organization for change
  • Benefits and results gained from implementing Agile in insurance
  • How to win over the Agile skeptics in your organization

The topics we discussed and their timestamps:

The Value of Changing While You're Winning [6:45]
Texas Mutual’s New Building [9:23]
Why Agile? [11:23]
The Agile Experiment [15:23]
Culture and Exposing Underlying Issues Through Transparency and Openness [20:47]
Empowering Teams [26:50]
Outcomes of Agility [27:24]
The Value of A “Safe-To-Fail” Environment [34:45]
Changing Leadership Styles and Addressing Old Command and Control Habits [40:25]
The Role of Infrastructure and Operations Teams [49:39]