webinar recording - boosting organizational agility

Operating with a status-quo mentality has never been riskier given today's rapidly changing and complex environment. Yet not all organizational leaders are bought into the concept of organizational agility and its benefits. This webinar is for those caught in the middle; the threshold between complacency and doing something new in order to achieve business outcomes. 

Watch the recording and learn about...

  • Common reasons why leaders say "no" to developing organizational agility capabilities with an overview of what those are 
  • How to appropriately address these concerns
  • How to show progress so that you continue to get support
  • The right time to begin your journey to organizational agility and how to get started

Meet Our Speakers

Richard Dolman Webinar Size-2

Richard Dolman, Enterprise Coach

Richard is passionate about helping companies and teams solve critical business and technology challenges, as well as empowering and enabling collaborative, high-performing teams.

David hawks webinar size

David Hawks, CEO and Enterprise Coach

David’s primary focus is to guide in creating successful strategies that effectively manage organizational change and achieve real business results.