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4 Skills Managers Need to Lead High-Performing Hybrid Teams

According to Upwork, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely, and more will be in a hybrid model (home and in-office) by 2025. 

How do managers strike the right balance as we move forward into hybrid work policies? 

Watch the webinar recording and learn...

  • Challenges leaders and teams face in a hybrid model
  • New skills and capabilities managers need to improve the performance of hybrid teams
  • Environmental conditions a leader needs to foster (tools, video, activities, etc.)
  • Different ways to measure productivity in this new landscape 
  • Approaches various companies are trying and which ones are proving to be more successful 

Meet Our Speaker

David hawks webinar size

David Hawks, Enterprise Coach

David’s primary focus is to guide leaders and help them create successful strategies that optimize organizational agility, elevate team performance, and drive business results.