The ongoing success of Southwest Airlines is due in large part to a constant drive towards analysis and refinement of processes. With over one billion annual site visits, leadership wondered if there was an opportunity for the team to use Agile marketing approaches to improve user experience. In January 2019, six Marketing employees and two Technology Developers formed an Agile marketing pilot team focused on analyzing and improving Southwest’s online booking portals in an incremental way. 

 Southwest Airlines’ Marketing Agile case study cover.

Download the full Agile case study to learn:

  • Why leadership chose to build Agile capabilities in their Marketing team
  • How Agile Velocity helped the team navigate through the natural turbulence that occurs when a new team is formed
  • How the team used design sprints to incrementally test solutions with customers
  • How the team learned to work collaboratively and avoid siloing their thinking

Download the Agile case study to learn how this team improved their ability to make their customer‘s online experience smoother and simpler.